Sceneramic Photography | Fused My Glass - Customer Project
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Customer - Fused My Glass: The gallery features the custom fused and stained glass art work of Linda A. Wright from her website, Fused My Glass. All images taken by photographer John F Wright, Sceneramic Photography.
Bowl - Black Ripple With Iridescent TrimBowl - Coyote Against White Moon On Black With IridescentBowl - Recycled Green BottleBowl - White Ripple With Iridescent TrimFlower Pot Ornament - Coyote & ButterflyFlower Pot Ornament - OwlHanging Glass Art - Framed Owl With Soldered Branch & FrameHanging Ornament - OwlHanging ornament - OwlHanging Ornament - OwlHanging Ornament - Skull With South West TrimHanging Ornament - South West Sun-CatcherHanging Ornament - Specialty - Ladybug Sun CatcherHanging Ornaments - Blue DolphinHanging Ornaments - Hand-Cut Orange "Nemo" Clownfish Sun CatcherHanging Ornaments - OwlHanging Ornaments - Rudolph The ReindeerHanging Ornaments - Santa ClausHanging Ornaments - Scare CrowHanging Ornaments - Skull & Crossbones