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John F Wright ~ Established Photographer Since 1977


I started Sceneramic (see-ner-am-ic) Photography in 1995 to display and sell my work in the US although I also cater to an international market. I derived the name "Sceneramic" by combining the words "scenery" and "panoramic", which encompasses my primary objectives while shooting landscape and travel photography.

I've been a photographer since 1977 dabbling in multiple fields including modeling portfolios, family portraiture, weddings, industrial photography, product photography, advertising photography, and travel and landscape photography. The latter has always been my favorite field and one I focus most of my time doing today.

When I started out in photography I used primarily 35mm and medium format cameras for my work and performed my own darkroom developing and printing. Now I exclusively use DSLR's while occasionally using point-and-shoot camera and also an iPhone to capture the spontaneity of a moment.

I hope you enjoy my work.